Project Assessment Form

This form is a simple aid for assessing a project in the categories specified below. The scoring is weighted such that negative assessment(s) will tend to produce a low or negative overall score. Of course the results are subjective, and should be interpreted in the overall context of the project.

Project Title:
Project Definition Summary:
Step Category
Very Negative
Moderately Negative
Slightly Negative
No Change
Slightly Positive
Moderately Positive
Very Positive
1. Tick one box per row Wildlife
Assess impact on wildlife, biodiversity, habitat, habitat fragmentation ...
Environmental Sustainability
Assess sustainable energy sources used in creating and maintaining project, and use of local, sustainable resources.
Value for Money
Is the project good value for money?
Is the project accessible to all members of the public (or specified intended users)?

If material of historic or scientific interest is present is it being preserved and interpreted?







2. Add up the number of ticks in each column                

3. Score rate per tick (suggested)

4. Multiply number of ticks in each column by score rate for each column                
5. Add the column scores in 4 to get  Overall Score:  
Version 1.3 Jul 2009