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Garnddyrys (1984) This site off the B4246 between Blaenavon and Abergavenny was very much linked with Blaenavon. Puddling furnaces, forges and rolling mills were located here between 1817 and the 1860s, as well as housing. Cast (pig) iron, brought from Blaenavon via Hill's Tramroad, was converted to wrought iron products, and then transported via tramroad to the Monmouthsire and Brecon Canal at Llanfoist. The view below is looking north, and shows one of two pond beds (centre right), the remains of (Weighing) Machine House (lower left of centre), the tramroad bed (left of centre), and furnace waste tip (mid left). Extensive investigation in 1972/3 by the Abergavenny and District Steam Society revealed much information, and evidence that steam engines, not water power, was used to drive machinery.

Garnddyrys 1984 Sugar Loaf - Mynydd Pen y Pal One of the water ponds (Weighing) Machine House site puddling furnace waste tramroad bed

Below is a view looking east from near Garnddyrys (1982). The meeting of Hill's Tramroad leading to Blaenavon (1), a branch to a quarry near Pwlldu (2), branch to Tyla quarry on Gilwern Hill (3, in the far distance on the right), and a steep footpath from Keepers Pond to Govilon (4).

On the right is a postcard to my grandmother dated 20 March 1921. I believe the full name of the inn was Royal Queen Victoria Inn, shortened to The Queen on a 1901 OS map. The other card is to my mother dated 13 October 1931 (at Machine House, "Garndyriss").

Tramroad near Garnddyrys 1982 Postcards to Garnddyrys 1921,1931

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Clydach Gorge    Situated just to the north of Torfaen, in the River Clydach valley between Abergavenny and Brynmawr, this area is rich in industrial archeology sites and is a very interesting area in general for walking and cycling. The photos below left show Llanelly and Clydach quarries on the south side of the valley, with associated lime kilns. Both are situated close to the impressively constructed Abergavenny to Merthyr railroad, closed in the early 1960s. Below right is the railway viaduct situated close to the former Clydach Station, and the site of "Clydach Camp" (said to be an iron age fort or settlement - at the top of the hill, centre of top right photo).

Llanelly & Clydach Quarries

Clydach Viaduct former Clydach Station Clydach Camp

The Clydach gorge is prone to landslips especially after heavy rain - the one in this picture occurred at the junction of two lanes between Clydach and Llanelli villages (SO 229136), partially blocking the A465.

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For a comprehensive website on the industrial past of old Monmouthshire (Gwent), and much more with many photos, please see Phil Jenkins' site:

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