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The content of this site is mainly on the subjects of the natural environment, local history (South Wales) and music, and should be suitable for all age groups.


I have attempted to make pages accessible to as many people as possible by including "alt text" descriptions for images, keeping page download times fairly low, and using high contrast colour schemes. A site map is available which may make navigation easier for some users.


In addition to HTML, and CSS to define styles, some Javascript is used (particularly on the Country Guitar page and Image Viewer). Most pages use server side software to some extent (i.e. the Open Source PHP scripting language)

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by Dennis Hopkins.


Thank you to those people who have commented on, or assisted with the development of this site.


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Messages  If you wish to comment, report a fault or recommend improvements please click the contact link (I know the site should be more interesting and entertaining!).
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July 2010  Home page is now index.php (and some other pages changed to type .php), site map added
Nov 2011  Web hosting changed to www.one.com, blog added. The ASP (active server pages) files are no longer operational - including the Environment Quiz.
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