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Environment Section - Home  
  environmental sustainability issues
  block diagram relating environment sustainability factors
  graph projection for various behaviour and technology changes
  climate change study - Oxford, Durham, global comparison
  an overview of earth's natural recycling process
  environmental sustainability FAQ, links
  Dry Stone Walling
  Green Woodworking: making a Shave - Horse
  Green Woodworking: making a Pole - Lathe
  Green Woodworking: Turning on a pole lathe
Old Industrial Sites, Torfaen  
  Torfaen - Old Industrial Sites 1 of 3
  Torfaen - Old Industrial Sites 2 of 3
  Torfaen - Old Industrial Sites 3 of 3
Photo Gallery  
  Photo Gallery - In the Garden
  Photo Gallery - Mainly Mountains
  Photo Gallery - Hale-Bopp Comet 1997
  Photo Gallery - Mystery Object
Country Guitar -
   US country guitarists
  Jimmie Rodgers & Chet Atkins articles from 1953 magazine
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